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Our Products – High Quality Insulation in Amarillo, TX

Curious about our insulation products? We offer only the best to our Amarillo neighbors. At Enertek we use Icynene brand open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation because of its ability to conform to spaces of every shape and size.

While traditional spray foam materials like cellulose or fiberglass have certain limitations, Icynene spray foam can fit perfectly in any cavity and create a more perfect barrier of protection inside your walls. Spray foam insulation optimizes energy efficiency, significantly reduces air leakage, and minimizes airborne moisture transfer.

Why Icynene Products

At Enertek, we believe in providing genuine long-term value to our customers. This is why we recommend Icynene spray foam: we believe it is the most effective and long-lasting insulation on the market.

With Icynene products, homeowners can save up to 50% on their heating and cooling costs. Some Icynene lines also include an ignition barrier, which helps builders save time and money during the construction process. Other products have higher than average R-values with superior structural integrity to help them better accommodate ambitious architectural designs.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

The two primary types of spray foam insulation are open cell and closed cell. This refers to the density and texture of the material used in the foam. Open Cell Foam is less dense. It has a spongy, soft texture. Closed Cell Foam is denser and more rigid.

The type of spray foam you need greatly depends on the type of construction project you are designing. If you aren’t sure which type of spray foam insulation you need for your construction project, one of our expert technicians can help you determine the best fit for your new home or business.

At Enertek, we offer only the highest quality spray foam insulation products. If you have specific questions about our Icynene product line, give us a call today! 806-352-3626